FiBO Code™ Software

FiBO® Interferometers interface with FiBO Code™ software for processing optical data and displaying metrology results.  New FiBO Code ™ V3.0 has been completely redesigned with powerful new features and a customizable user interface to quickly and clearly display the level of detail selected by the user.  Other software features include the following:

FiBO Code™ V3.0 Features

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Customizable results display screen
  • Powerful new data processing engine
  • Automated calibration for camera, 3D phase, phase-shifter & apex offset
  • Customizable measurement parameters and pass/fail setup
  • Fully customizable measurement reports
  • Powerful web-based data reporting capability]\
  • Flexible database storage of all measurement results
  • Password protected Engineering Mode

Computer requirements

FiBO Code application has been optimized for the following computer specifications:

Processor:Pentium M 755, 2GHz
Resolution:FiBO is optimized for 1280x1024
Ports:USB 2.0 (required)
Video Card:64MB or better
Operating System:Windows XP, Windows 7 (Professional)